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Starting a Business Later in Life online course

Univentures is launching its Starting a Business at 50+ online programme, in partnership with UC Online. This is a customised series of module for those over 50 seeking to start a business for the first time.


What We Do

Univentures® Ltd is a social enterprise

We offer customised startup programmes

We work with innovators and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new ventures.

Who For?

Our current programmes are designed for two different target audiences: Postgraduates and Later-in-Life Innovators.


Later in Life (50+) Entrepreneurs

More and more people are choosing to set up a business later in life, and succeeding!

So are you ready to use your experience and talents to begin your start-up journey?

Let’s turn your bright ideas into reality together.

Working With Us?

What does it look like to work with Univentures Ltd?

Dr Chris Kirk

Dr Chris Kirk is an internationally qualified startup expert and coach. He has led the development and delivery of Univenture’s unique programmes and style of delivery and works in partnership with a team of associates.


Get in Touch

Get in touch with Univentures via the following link